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Work With Purpose, Meaning And Alignment.

Illuminairre exists because we constantly ask WHY when it comes to working with purpose, as individuals and as organisations.

serving your coaching & strategic needs 

We provide professional coaching and strategic communications for organisations that are ready for greater alignment, integration and engagement.


Designed and curated with purpose in mind, our signature programmes serve young professionals and strategic communications needs. 

Aligning organisations and professionals to purpose-driven work and strategic communications that support business growth and sustainability.

SMEs, businesses and entrepreneurs coached and impacted through strategic communications

gen Z and millennial professionals in online coaching programmes on communications and professional growth

signature programmes on authentic communications and purpose at the workplace

“Really great job with this piece! All elements were connected well. Thanks so much, I really like how this turned out and this will set us up well for future engagements.”

David V., Director of Communications and Partnerships, Global NGO

“I liked how well-structured and well-researched the class is. And I really love the way the slides were presented meticulously. I also like the feedback and response given to comments and questions asked in class.”

Krystle T., Coaching Programme Participant

“Gained a lot of insights during our sessions, thank you both for your assistance and services over the past 4 months!”

Anushya R., Founder, Holistic Health  and Wellness Organisation

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Musings, discussions, research and questioning; Darshana and Michelle are almost always deep in thought and reflection about what’s happening around them. “Why” is a good way to start! Through this podcast, Illuminairre hopes to bring some purposeful conversations and illumination into your lives.

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