We’re not your average PR agency, or training company.

The biggest gap we have noticed over the past ten years working in communications has been the failure to address the ‘WHY’, and the quick jump to the ‘WHAT’ and the ‘HOW’.

Without understanding and connecting your ‘WHY’ with clarity, the way you communicate can never be as authentic, genuine, and honest as you would like it to be.

This is why Illuminairre exists.

We help you find your ‘WHY’ first, and only then anchor it to your purpose – your ‘WHAT’. We help you find your authentic voice, and use it to creatively to support your purpose through strategic, impact-focused communications (your ‘HOW’).

This formula works in all areas of our lives – from personal to professional goals. We know because we’ve tried it!

We work with youth, entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals, and creatives through 3 programmes:
The Nasi Lemak Project
The Creative Club

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Co-founded by two friends who were former workmates, Illuminairre was an idea that came to life over teh tarik and roti canai in Kuala Lumpur. Meet Michelle and Darshana, the minds behind the movement.


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