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The media is still very much an integral part of communications, despite what we think about a highly digitised world today. As NGOs, how do we connect with the media and get their attention? What is newsworthy and impactful, and what isn’t? Which media house should you connect with to further your cause?

How do you understand the different desks and roles within a media organisation? How do you send something to the media? What’s the difference between a media advisory and a media release?

Learn how to navigate media relations and media management for events and other engagements with Darshana, Illuminairre’s co-founder and strategy director.

Your Coach
Darshana is no stranger to the media universe, having worked in PR agencies from the ground up as a junior executive to leading a team. She’s also worked in-house for organisations and three NGOs, and also served as part of the media fraternity. She’s learnt the ins and outs of media relations on the job since 2009. 

In this class, Darshana will help you to understand and engage with the media in an authentic and purposeful way to support your business and organisational goals.

Who is this for?
This is for you if:

  • You work with an NGO and want to start engaging with the media effectively
  • You work as a communicator for an NGO or support an NGO as a client, and need help navigating the Malaysian media landscape
  • You need to handle media relations for your NGO, but have no experience at all in communications and media 

What will you learn?

  • The importance of media relations in today’s digital landscape
  • Media speak: Understanding the different kinds of media engagement materials
  • How to build relationships with the media for NGOs
  • How to pitch your story/interview with a focus on impact and purpose
  • How to craft media releases, media invitations, media statements, and other media documents
  • How to follow up with the media 
  • Running an event with media attendance
  • How to prepare for a media conference
  • How to respond to the media during crisis management

How much will it cost?
MYR100 per participant

Delivery Method
We use Zoom as a platform for online classes

Registration Details
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