A question we seem to asking more of these days – what is my real purpose, and how do I find it? How do I contribute purposefully to the world, how can I be a part of the solution?

Purpose can be a quest that is never-ending, but once you find it, life feels and becomes an experience we enjoy immensely. Have you asked yourself these questions too? Has it been difficult to start discovering what purpose really means? Join this class and learn how to start your journey towards discovering truth, grounding, and passion – your deeper purpose.

Your Coach
Darshana has spent the bulk of her career and life asking WHY. This very question led to her unconventional career path, her life choices and ultimately the reason behind Illuminairre’s existence. Darshana isn’t afraid to ask difficult questions, explore unchartered territories and do the inner work required to find reason to being.

In her explorations of life and its mysteries, Darshana has worked on various purpose-driven techniques, including deeper understandings on meditation, intentional communication, personal growth facilitation, and more. Professionally, she pursued a personal life coaching certification and formally studied tarot reading (levels 1 & 2). She’s regularly facilitates personal growth, philosophical and life experience sessions for young adults from all walks of life.

She thrives on personal growth subjects, and believes that there is more to life than just doing.

Who is this for?
This class is for you if:

  • You’ve been seeking more to life
  • You know you’re meant to do more than just go to work
  • You want to make a difference in this world
  • You are looking for a deeper meaning to what you do and what you can do
  • You want to find love, joy and deeper satisfaction to life
  • You’ve been thinking a lot about passion and purpose

What will you learn?

  • Purpose – what it really means
  • The difference between passion and purpose
  • How to find your purpose, and how to apply it to life
  • How to share your purpose (with purpose!) with the rest of the world
  • How to potentially turn purpose into your work

How much will it cost?
MYR100 per participant

Delivery Method
We use Zoom as a platform for online classes

Registration Details
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