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Are you someone who struggles when it comes to speaking in meetings, presentations, or groups? Do you become tongue-tied when asked to emcee, host or moderate events and other sessions? Do you find facilitation a daunting task?

If you’ve always looked at professional moderators, hosts and presenters and wondered,”how do I get to where they are?”, look no further.

This May, learn with Illuminairre in this special Masterclass put together for beginners, seekers and anyone who really wants to understand how to embrace and embody authentic speaking skills. We will explore speaking from a personal point, a professional skill and a deeply empowering tool for progress together.

Your Coach
Not many know this, but Darshana was a former TV newscaster and documentary host in the late 1990s/early 2000s as a teenager. The time spent in her formative years exploring the world of broadcasting and journalism resulted in a deep understanding of the power of words and speech on others. Her early years working in the broadcasting industry gave her a big boost when she started her communications career almost a decade ago.

Darshana has since been a professional host, emcee, moderator, and facilitator for events, workshops, panel discussions and more. She has worked in event settings that range from small, intimate numbers to larger conference and events. Her professional experience includes working with government bodies, NGOs, corporate entities, spiritual workshops and private events.

She still regularly facilitates personal growth, philosophical and life experience sessions for young adults from all walks of life, and emcees/hosts online virtual events for various clients.

Who is this for?
This class is for you if:

  • You struggle with speaking in public settings
  • You want to learn how to develop yourself as a host/ moderator/ emcee/ facilitator
  • You want to become a better at delivering stellar presentations
  • You’re interested in improving your public speaking skills
  • You struggle with putting your thoughts into a structured flow

What will you learn?

  • How to prepare for your speaking engagements
  • How to organise thoughts, scripts, presentations and other speaking aids
  • How to rehearse, fine tune, edit and perfect your delivery
  • How to handle questions, ‘white space’, and last minute changes
  • How to manage time, make decisions and stress during speaking engagements
  • How to dress the part!
  • How to moderate a conversation and handle difficult scenarios
  • How to keep the audience engaged and interested
  • How to use professional tools and tips to make your life easier
  • And more!

How much will it cost?
MYR 350 per participant | Early bird pricing at MYR 300 available till 15 May 2021

Delivery Method
We use Zoom as a platform for online classes

Registration Details
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