The FLOW Series

2020 has birthed many new things, one of them being a rise in entrepreneurs and leaders. 

But a lot of entrepreneurs (us included) struggle with understanding the more subtle nuances that come with being business owners, especially during uncertain times like the one we live in today. While there are ample articles, videos and courses readily available on ‘how to run a successful business’ online, hardly anyone talks about the stuff that really matters. No one gives out a manual on how to navigate things like fear, uncertainty, insecurity, imposter syndrome and more.

Our mental and emotional states of being directly influence how we choose to authentically communicate our vision and business goals. It doesn’t matter how amazing your business plans and strategies may be – if you cannot understand yourself, and really face your internal struggles, you can never make meaningful progress with the work you do.

  • How do we stop the hustle culture and listen to the guidance coming from our conscience?
  • How do we allow ourselves to believe in our own abilities?
  • How do we own our strengths and weaknesses with pride?
  • How do we face our deepest fears in business?
  • How do we start to see the world differently?
  • How can we stop fighting against the current and start being in flow?

Questions we’ve also asked ourselves, and struggled with in our 2-year journey from Illuminairre’s inception. And these are the exact same questions many of our 1:1 business communications clients have had too. 

We started to see a pattern after a while. So if everyone is struggling with similar challenges, why not bring everyone together in a space where we can support each other through it?

Introducing the FLOW Series

The Flow Series is a stream of wisdom that comes from actual experience. It’s based off our own battles with internal ‘demons’, that left us dealing with things like:

  • Self -doubt
  • Insecurity
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Feeling unworthy
  • Feeling intimidated
  • Operating from a scarcity mindset
  • Feeling confused about where to start

And more. 

But we got our sh*t together, and started paying attention to what was going on inside of us – in our minds, and in our hearts. 

In these 2 years, we’ve really made radical changes to ensure that we shift all of the above to:

  • Conviction in our abilities
  • Feeling secure and confident
  • Knowing and owning our talents and experience as leaders
  • Having courage to say no to VVIP-level opportunities and projects that don’t align with our values
  • Being crystal clear about our vision and goals as business leaders and owners
  • Staying rooted in an abundance mindset
  • Prioritising our mental health
  • Practising healthy boundaries around work

It took 2 years to find our flow. 

Today, we’d like to help you find yours.


  • Small business owners
  • Freelancers and part-timers 
  • Anyone thinking of starting a business or side hustle
  • Professionals seeking clarity


Dates: 13,14,15 September 2021 (8pm – 9.30pm)

3 days / 90 min sessions on the following key topics:

1. Understanding Yourself and Others

2. Understanding and Embracing Fears

3. Finding Your Purpose


Each of these 3 sessions will include:

  • Working with two certified coaches in professional and life coaching
  • Guided activities, wisdom and reflection on key area of focus
  • Ready-to-use tools and guidance information to embrace and understand each topic
  • Group discussions on each topic’s applicability and prevalence
  • Action items for immediate use

This series is valued at MYR 750 per seat. 

However, we want to make this more accessible right now. We’re offering this to you at only MYR250 per seat, and open to a maximum of 10 pax.

That’s MYR500 off a programme we know has brought about tangible changes and growth. 

Register today: