A Match Made in Fitwear Heaven

At A Glance

A female-centric fitwear brand was facing identity and growth issues in the competitive sports apparel market of Malaysia. Illuminairre stepped in with a series of initiatives that included a brand strategy exercise, website redesign, and social media content development with targeted ads. The positive outcomes included a cleaner, revamped website with a new and consistent brand image across all platforms. This boosted the company’s sales by 228%.

With the project successfully completed, the fitwear brand is now more confident in taking the new direction forward on their own.

What We Did

Brand Strategy  Workshop
Project Management
Specialised Writing
Brand Guide Development
Complete Website Revamp



A Malaysian female-centric fitwear brand dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle for its female consumers was looking for a way to upgrade their entire brand strategy. Some of the company’s key challenges were rooted in their overall brand strategy and brand assets, along with a need to streamline and optimise their website. With assistance from Illuminairre, the company was ready to step up their game and appeal to a wider audience beyond the Malaysian Chinese market.

How Illuminairre Contributed

Our involvement in this project included:

  • A thorough analysis of the brand’s current communications and marketing initiatives, including competitor performances
  • Assisting the brand to realign goals, values, voice and growth strategy
  • Facilitating a new and aligned brand strategy and style guide workshop
  • Redesigning the entire website with new apparel categories, relatable articles, and brand style guidelines
  • Creating a new social media content plan that targeted key audiences

Positive Outcomes and Impacts

  • The website revamp was completed ahead of schedule and successfully launched. It’s now cleaner, easier to navigate, and has clear and straightforward categories for customers to search for clothing items
  • Overall brand image has improved through consistent reference to the brand style guide, making it easier to identify and differentiate the brand among other sports apparel brands and competitors
  • Social media content creation is now easier for the brand’s creative team with the newly developed brand style guide. All social media platforms have a consistent tone, voice, and look, creating trust and enhancing credibility among new customers
  • Better targeted social media ads brought an increase of 228% in sales, and reached new audience segments

Moving Forward

The brand is now equipped with clarity and direction in their communications and marketing efforts after our engagement. The partnership with Illuminaire enabled them to achieve their goals and create a brand identity that truly reflects who they are.