NGO Taps Illuminairre to Successfully Run 10-Day Virtual Challenge for Varsity Students

At A Glance

Illuminairre collaborated with an international conservation NGO to organise a 10-day online event focused on freshwater conservation among college and university students. As part of the project, Illuminairre provided day-to-day coordination and hosting support.

The project was a great success with positive testimonials on the educational value of the event. The NGO is now better equipped to recreate similar online events using the templates developed by Illuminairre for overall coordination and planning.

What We Did

Event coordination
Event management
Partnership support
Supporting workshops



Illuminairre received a challenging request to coordinate a 10-day virtual event at the height of Covid-19 for varsity students in Malaysia. The event was a pilot programme aimed at creating awareness and understanding of freshwater conservation for 40 university students from 6 universities in Malaysia.

How Illuminairre Contributed

Our team worked tirelessly to ensure the event ran smoothly:

  • Planning/managing the content and event flow together with the NGO’s programme team
    ○  Conducted entirely on Zoom, with live streaming to Facebook
  • Securing dynamic speakers, panellists, and environmental advocates
  • Hosting and emceeing the 10-day virtual event
  • Creation pre- and post-survey forms to gather feedback from participants
  • Created a dedicated, private, and exclusive Facebook page for the participants and other guests, allowing them to share and engage comfortably on the platform

Positive Outcomes and Impacts

  • Successful execution of 10 full days of the challenge, providing end-to-end online event management, rehearsal call coordination, and overall project management
  • Encouraging participation from speakers and advocates from various backgrounds, including government, private sector, environmental influencers and advocate
  • Positive response through the participation of 40 students from 6 universities and colleges across Malaysia

The programme covered a wide range of topics, from understanding the journey of water, to the impact of lifestyles on water conservation. We successfully engaged and coordinated inspiring dialogue between a diverse range of guest speakers from different industries, disciplines and backgrounds. The quality of questions and reflections from students showed depth, maturity, and high critical thinking skills.

Mini challenges coordinated during the challenge were also completed with high levels of enthusiasm, knowledge application and creativity. This indicated that the information shared was not just consumed, but also successfully understood and reapplied.

Participants left testimonials on how much they learnt from the event, with some committing to applying the knowledge gained individually and on a community level moving ahead.

Moving Forward

Thanks to our successful coordination, the NGO is now better equipped to recreate similar online events, with templates and guidance documents created. We are proud to have contributed to the success of this virtual event, and look forward to working with other like-minded organisations in the future to make a positive impact in our world.