We’re Malaysia’s first and only certified Ikigai Tribe coaches.

 Illuminairre is a professional coaching and strategic communications consultancy. Led by us, Michelle Boon and Darshana Balakumaran, Illuminairre offers over ten years of strategic communications, coaching and PR experience to clients.

We work with clients in two ways: empowering gen Z and millennial professionals to connect to purpose and meaning at work, and partnering with organisations in developing strategic communications aligned to their mission, business and sustainability goals. 

Ultimately, Illuminairre exists because we value purpose above all else. Our commitment to always asking the deeper WHY has helped individuals and organisations to find greater alignment, integration and engagement at the workplace.

We’re here to help you find your WHY as a professional and a business, as authentically as possible.

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Ikigai is not a sweet spot. It is a way of life, a spectrum that brings deep meaning and a reason for being. Our professional coaching services are rooted in the authentic Japanese philosophy of Ikigai, which promotes a process of cultivating our inner potential while finding a sense of self and purpose.

We’re millennials. And we’re driven by impact.

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Illuminairre’s vision is to transform individuals and organisations we serve by facilitating the alignment of their goals to the bigger picture more holistically.

As trained communications professionals and Malaysia’s first and only certified Ikigai Tribe coaches, our job is to support you with proven tools, methodologies and processes as you navigate your deeper WHY.

We embody this by encouraging curiosity, critical thinking, intuitive learning and a strong alignment to culture and business objectives.

Through our professional coaching and strategic communications services, you can be sure that your business continues to grow exponentially while understanding and supporting your people effectively, committing to sustainability and building a strong legacy for the future.

Why The Owl?

The Owl is Illuminairre’s spirit animal and guide. Our business ethos and philosophy is inspired by the deep wisdom and intuitive knowledge that it represents. 

The Owl sees in the dark, representing the illumination our services can provide to clients who engage us. 

Above all, the Owl embodies the role we play as communicators, connectors, and holistic strategy providers.