Our Story

Illuminairre is a boutique communications coaching and consulting agency. Our job is to help you find and own your authentic voice to achieve your goals. 

We do this through three disciplines of communications:

  • North Star – Corporate and Business 
  • The Creative – Artistic Expression 
  • Soul Circle – Personal Growth 


Everything we do is rooted in three core values:

  • Integrity – we do our best to ensure we are communicating the truth at all times.
  • Creativity – we love finding solutions that don’t have any boxes tied to them.
  • Purpose – our favourite question is always: WHY?

Together, they form the foundation of authentic communications at Illuminairre.


We specialise in working with solopreneurs, microbusiness owners, small businesses, working professionals for our coaching programmes. We also love working with youth! 

Our consulting services are designed and customised to personally fit each of our corporate and business communication clients.