Co-founder | Managing Director

Strategy & Communications

Darshana has spent over 12 years working in communications and PR across industries and disciplines. Her forte has always been strategic communications, and this specialisation has helped her lead successful communication campaigns at national and regional levels throughout her career. Darshana is committed to helping our clients find their ‘why’ through communications and business strategy development. She has a knack for connecting the dots, seeing patterns and information, and creating processes where chaos exists. Darshana has a particular interest in youth development, and volunteers with an international NGO as a facilitator for young adults in her free time. She’s also an aspiring author and


Co-founder | Managing Director

Programmes & Finance

With over 11 years of experience in performing arts, publications, media, journalism and education, Michelle leads programme and content strategy development for all our clients. One of her defining moments in her career was leading and transforming a young team of writers for a successful weekly newspaper pullout focused on leadership development. Michelle has always believed that education is the key to changing an entire nation, and this is why she spends her time outside of Illuminairre educating the young minds of our future. Michelle is an energetic, highly creative individual who truly believes that getting clear with your ‘why’ can change everything for you. She lives and breathes Ikigai, the Japanese philosophy of purpose-driven living. When she’s not working, Michelle spends her time exploring dance and performing arts.