Our desire to share knowledge and guidance comes from our own eagerness to succeed. At Illuminairre, clients are carefully navigated to empower themselves through an obstacle course of tough, self-reflecting questions followed by a period of reflection to allow them the opportunity to discover ways in which they too can succeed.

Signature Coaching Programmes

As Ikigai Tribe coaches, our programmes are designed to harness the power of purpose and meaning in everyday life and at the workplace. Our signature coaching programmes include theory, interaction and practical learning, as well as reflections and tools for immediate action. Talk to us about curating a specialised coaching programme for your organisation. 

Signature Corporate Programmes

Open exclusively to those organisations that are ready to invest in corporate messaging and alignment across the board, our signature corporate programme will address all your internal and external communications needs through strategic communications. Designed to enable radical transformation, they require commitment to show up as a team, and do the work with honesty and vulnerability.