Strengthening Communications Leadership for A Regional Tech Startup

At A Glance

A growing regional tech startup worked with Illuminairre for a bespoke online communications leadership workshop, addressing challenges in collaboration and communication amongst team leads. The workshop included modules on stakeholder mapping, understanding personalities, impact-focused reporting, creative and critical thinking, and solution-focused communications. Positive outcomes emerged as team leaders embraced their leadership potential, leading to a stronger sense of purpose and collaboration. Illuminairre further recommended ongoing mentorship, managerial communications training, individual coaching sessions, and opportunities for cross-team collaboration.

What We Did

Bespoke Communications Workshop

Developed Targeted Modules

Group Coaching




Discovering Illuminairre through Instagram, the Group CEO and Founder of a regional tech startup contacted us to discuss the organisation’s needs – supporting and fostering independent thinking, and improving communication among team leaders were top priorities.

How Illuminairre Supported

Bespoke Online Workshop
Illuminairre designed and delivered a tailor-made, two-day online communications leadership workshop. Despite the challenges posed by Covid-19 lockdowns in Malaysia, the workshop successfully facilitated the development of communication strategies, business communications, and leadership skills specifically catered to the organisation’s millennial team leaders. Experiential learning and simulations were utilised to ensure an engaging and impactful experience.


Assessment and Strengths Focus
Using a Leadership Communications Competency Assessment and the VIA Strengths Profile, Illuminairre enabled team leaders to identify their key strengths and gain valuable insights on their overall competencies as professionals. This positive approach created an optimistic atmosphere throughout the workshop, encouraging participants to focus on their unique capabilities.


Key Workshop Modules
Some important modules included stakeholder mapping, understanding personalities, solution-focused communications, impact-focused reporting, and creative/critical thinking skills.


Post-workshop Support and Feedback
Illuminairre provided post-workshop sessions to offer individual support and feedback to all participants. This personalised attention helped measure the impact and effectiveness of the workshop, ensuring continued growth and development among team leaders.


Discussion and Interactive Learning
Encouraging open discussions and interactive learning, Illuminairre’s workshop format consisted of 30% discussion, 40% real-time learning, 20% information sharing, and 10% case studies. This approach fostered active participation and engagement, enabling team leaders to exchange ideas, insights, and experiences.

    Positive Outcomes and Impacts

    Improved Collaboration and Communication
    The workshop prompted team leaders to open up about their work-related challenges, including collaboration issues, communication breakdowns, burnout, and team motivation and well-being. By addressing these challenges, the organisation’s leaders developed stronger bonds and fostered a more supportive and collaborative work environment.


    Discovering Leadership Potential
    Through the assessments conducted, it was discovered that many team leaders possessed supportive leadership tendencies but had not yet recognised their own leadership potential. Illuminairre’s facilitation encouraged the team to embrace their own inherent abilities, resulting in a greater sense of purpose and a desire to contribute more to the organisation.


    Enhanced Self-Awareness and Utilisation of Strengths
    Participants gained a deeper understanding of their strengths, as well as those of their colleagues. Armed with this knowledge, team leaders reported feeling more confident in their ability to work together and leverage their strengths to drive the organisation’s objectives and mission forward.

    Moving Forward

    The team experienced a transformative and reflective journey in leadership development and communications. The workshop met its objective in empowering team leaders, and fostered a more collaborative and purpose-driven work environment.