The Coaching Suite

Unlock and embrace your potential.

As certified Ikigai Tribe (and IAC) coaches, our essential and experiential communications coaching and training vertical shares our professional and personal experiences, learnings and growth through 1:1 and group communications coaching programmes for gen Z and millennials at the workplace. 

The coaching suite incorporates a unique blend of business and life coaching modalities, professional tools and more, customisable for corporate organisations, NGOs and startups.

Core services:

Professional Coaching and Training

    • Business Leadership for Managers
    • Impactful Communications for Leaders
    • Essential Communications for the Workplace
    • Ikigai: Finding Purpose at Work

1:1 Executive Coaching

    • Curated corporate Ikigai sessions for business leaders and CEOs


I am most grateful to Darshana and Michelle for their guidance and business coaching sessions! Through them, I understood how important it is to communicate my brand. They helped me to identify, reflect and create appropriate strategies to market my brand. I particularly appreciate their professionalism and candid feedback of what works and what doesn’t in my 1:1 coaching sessions. What makes them good at what they do is that they tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

Whether yours is a fledgling business or a fully functioning SME, I would highly recommend Illuminaire as they teach you how to communicate your brand effectively.

Choo May Kuen,
Founder of May Kuen Heals

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