We’re on a mission to humanise communications.

Illuminairre is a communications consultancy and advisory established in 2019. Led by Michelle Boon and Darshana Balakumaran, Illuminairre offers over 15 years of experience across PR, communications and publications.

We partner with organisations to co-create a purposeful communications journey aligned to mission, business and sustainability goals.

Ultimately, Illuminairre exists because we value purpose above all else. Our commitment to always asking the deeper WHY has enabled organisations to find greater alignment, integration and engagement at the workplace.

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Our Core Values

These values serve as Illuminairre’s North Star,  influencing and guiding our business ethos, philosophy, and work ethics.


People, family and mental health come first at Illuminairre (furkids included).


Communication is the bridge that turns ideas to tangible outcomes. We strive to do this purposefully.


Our core values drive our work, rooted in truth and honesty.

We’re millennials. And we’re driven by impact.

**Illuminairre supports:
sdg quality education
Illuminairre’s vision is to make purpose-driven, human-centric communications a norm.

We consistently serve organisations through realistic, holistic and impactful communications solutions. We embody this by being inclusive, rooted in intention, and strongly aligned to people, business culture and growth.

Why The Owl?

The Owl is Illuminairre’s spirit animal and guide. Our business ethos and philosophy is inspired by the deep wisdom and intuitive knowledge that it represents.

The Owl sees in the dark, representing the illumination our services can provide to clients who engage us.

Above all, the Owl embodies the role we play as communicators, connectors, and holistic strategy providers.

Strategic Partners

When required, we partner with subject matter experts to provide you with holistic, sustainable, long-term solutions.
Eudaimonia is spearheaded by Rebekah Ockens, an organisational psychologist that has worked with MNCs in Europe and Asia to design people strategies and interventions for organisations based on organisational psychology.
Insaight Consultancy specialises in professional development and human rights consulting, which create insightful experiences for clients in a cohesive and responsible manner.
Teamcoach International is an established IAC-accredited school and business specialising in delivering leadership and team coaching globally.