Co-founder & Strategy Director

Darshana believes that everything starts from discovering your ‘why’. An accidental artist and aspiring author, she has over 11 years of experience in communications, working across industries. Darshana has always had a strong affinity for youth development and entrepreneurship, having once run a solo photography business for four years. She has been described as a voice of reason, a calming presence, and a strategic thinker that brings depth and purpose to everything she sets out to do. Darshana leads communications strategy, and focuses on the creative and strategic direction for Illuminairre. If she’s not pouring over Illuminairre’s direction and purpose, you can find her engrossed in a new read with a cup of coffee.


Co-founder & Programme Director

Michelle believes that today’s youth and entrepreneurs can excel even further in life with the right set of communications and critical thinking skills. A passionate educator who has her heart set on revolutionising our education system, Michelle has over 10  years of experience in media, journalism and education. A self-professed perfectionist, Michelle is also a dancer, tutor, and performing arts instructor. Michelle’s strength is in details, execution and connecting the dots with ease. She leads programme development and focuses on day-to-day operations and business development for Illuminairre. If Michelle isn’t constantly ensuring Illuminairre’s programmes are spot on, she’s most likely moving to the rhythm of her favourite music.